Joseph Labriola
Sausage Company

World Famous in Pittsburgh
since 1927
2614 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222

The Joseph Labriola family has been making Italian sausage since 1927. We began in a small storefront on Larimer Avenue in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Over the years we have built a reputation for quality that has made us "world famous in Pittsburgh."
Because we use only the finest pork and fresh whole and ground spices, you will find our sausage to be juicy and tender, never dry or grainy. Joe Labriola sausage is served by country clubs, restaurants, pizza shops, diners, and retail stores across the region. Our customers use our products to make sandwiches with peppers and onions, as patties with eggs and home fries, to stuff mushrooms and hot peppers, roasted and sliced into medallions as an appetizer, and for many other signature dishes. I am certain that your favorite recipe that calls for sausage will be even better with Joe Labriola's sausage.
Our sausage comes hot or sweet, either as loose bulk sausage or stuffed into natural casings as rope sausage.
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